How reading ‘Shoe Dog’ led me to 3d Scanning and a new TestingSaaS service

a digital twin via 3d scanning of an adidas shoe made via fectar and th3rd

How reading ‘Shoe Dog’ led me to 3d Scanning and a new TestingSaaS service

How reading ‘Shoe Dog’ led me to 3d Scanning and a new TestingSaaS service 796 932 Cordny

3D scanning, shoes and TestingSaaS, what’s the connection?

Do you remember my blog about reading ‘Shoe Dog’, written by Phil Knight, founder of Nike. It’s a boy’s book about starting a business you are passionate about.  

Great, so I read the book, what’s the connection with 3D scanning and TestingSaaS?

Well, when reading the book I got interested in sneakers and how they would be advertised in this modern age.

Sneakers in Augmented Reality: Digital Twins

As an augmented reality enthusiast I first searched for use cases of advertising sneakers in augmented reality.

This opened a new world for me: 3D modeling, photogrammetry, 3D scanning, product photography etc. Grat material for another ARdeedive.

But what is the connection with SaaS?

Fectar and Th3rd: 3D Scanning available for the Masses

The greatest thing was, this new world was already in reach for me with an AR-innovation I already tested: Fectar , the Dutch Content Management System for Augmented and Virtual Reality. A SaaS solution for managing and displaying your AR and VR objects.

One of it’s partners, th3rd, offers a corporate solution for brands & retailers to digitize their product catalog at scale & on site: 3D Scanning as a Service.

And th3rd creates AR environments (called Spaces in Fectar) for showing their capabilities. One of these is creating digital twins of sneakers. Just have a look at these LinkedIn posts I wrote showing Nike and Adidas digital twins.

How promoting 3D scanning via LinkedIn led to new Opportunities

As an AR enthusiast I like to promote these AR innovations.

And by filming the Th3rd spaces, powered by Fectar, and distributing these via LinkedIn I met more people enthusiastic about AR and shoes.

Great people from the biggest shoe brands, but also creative developers, keen on creating a digital twin from a self made video.

But that’s another story.

Are you interested in creating a digital twin of your product?

And do you want to know more of how I can create a video of a digital twin of your product using Fectar?

Let’s schedule a call.

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