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Introducing Adobe Aero

Introducing Adobe Aero 406 316 Cordny

Last week, November 4, 2019, Adobe launched its AR Authoring app, Adobe Aero. Awesome, what is it and what can you do with it?

AR is getting more noticed by the big tech companies. One of these is Adobe.

Adobe first demoed its Aero AR authoring app last year at the Adobe Max event, and recently, November 4th, it launched it to the public.

What is Adobe Aero?

Adobe Aero is Adobe’s answer to designing AR without coding.

Aero is the first tool that allows designers to build and share immersive experiences in AR—without any coding skills.

If it’s the first AR no coding-tool, I wonder. But that’s another blog.

I already mentioned it is freely available to the public.  As long as you have iOS, a free mobile iOS app for phones and tablets is available.

But before going to public a private betatesting program was set up. During this beta, Adobe received participation from thousands of users within the creative community. Adobe also launched the Adobe AR Residency program to collaborate with the creative community for building the best tool available.

So, what features were developed during this betatest?

  • Intuitive authoring – No coding necessary. all steps done via easy-to-follow instructions
  • Animation – Objects can be placed by using your hands and device. This combined with triggers gives a great animation.
  • Assets at your fingertips – Hundreds of free starter assets available right in the app, including the option to import a broad set of 2D/3D file format (vector graphics, Adobe Photoshop files, OBJ, FBX, Collada, glTF, etc.)
  • Easy publishing and sharing – sharing your AR product directly on social media or sending the experience to others via the Aero app.

What can you do with it?

Developing AR without coding brings Media to the next level. Media artists are no longer dependent on programmers to do the coding for them. Now they have a platform for this.

Digital is no longer confined to a single screen – it’s permeating throughout physical spaces and the real world.

Artists can also add interactive experiences by drawing the path of motion for an object to follow.

It’s the next step for Adobe. From Photoshop for graphic design to Aero for the Augmented Reality space.

The era of Augmented Reality CMS has begun. There are more examples of AR CMS on the market. Remember, this is just the beginning.

TestingSaaS will monitor this evolution and keep you updated.