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december 2019

Test automation with Sauce Labs

Test automation with SauceLabs, a TestingSaaS Partner

Test automation with SauceLabs, a TestingSaaS Partner 1280 720 Cordny

Test automation is an important part of my work at TestingSaaS.

Ever since I started software testing I was intrigued by automating it and finding a great tool doing this.

This journey took some time, but I found a great partner delivering me the tools to do some awesome test automation: Sauce Labs

What is Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs ensures the world’s leading apps and websites work flawlessly on every browser, OS and device. Its award-winning Continuous Testing Cloud provides development and quality teams with instant access to the test coverage, scalability, and analytics they need to deliver a flawless digital experience. Founded by the original creator of Selenium (woohoo!), Sauce Labs helps companies accelerate software development cycles, improve application quality, and deploy with confidence across hundreds of browser / OS platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android & Mac OS X. Optimized for Continuous integration (CI), Continuous delivery (CD), and DevOps, the Sauce Labs platform is built to handle the most secure data from its customers, who range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses worldwide. To date, nearly 2 billion tests have run on the Sauce Labs cloud.

TestingSaaS and the Sauce labs test automation software

As a software tester I use a lot of Selenium for automated web testing. But I also use Sauce Labs to test other applications:

And, as you can see, because I like to write about software, I also take my readers along my journey. After all, my mission is to ‘Create Content by Testing‘.

Thank you Fixate and Sauce Labs for joining me on this journey.

TestingSaaS and test automation in 2020

Test automation is a fast evolving field.

Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more important in today’s information technology. And what to think of all the new mobile devices?

How can we use test automation so tests can be done in time to market and ensure the quality of the systems under test?

Enough to test (automate) and write about in 2020.

TestingSaaS will continue its ‘Create Content through Testing‘-journey with the help of Fixate, Sauce Labs and its partners.

So, do you want to join my journey?

your coffee machine in AR

TestingSaaS partnered with SpotOn, CMS for AR and VR

TestingSaaS partnered with SpotOn, CMS for AR and VR 1526 1026 Cordny

As a content marketeer I work a lot with Content Management Systems, also known as a CMS.

A lot of these CMS are online available and therefore can be tested very easily. Take for example WordPress. If I find a bug I can share it with the WordPress community very quickly and actions can be taken.

Did you know TestingSaaS partnered with SpotOn to test and market their CMS for Augmented and Virtual Reality?

In my last blog I already discussed this when reporting about Adobe Aero.

Content delivered via AR/VR is going to be booming in 2020.

My mission in 2020 is to test the AR/VR Content Management Systems and monitor their quality.

And make first class content of course for my clients.

Do you want to join me in my mission?