Burst the bubble in IT marketing

burst the IT marketing bubble

Burst the bubble in IT marketing

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Burst the bubble in IT marketing, that’s what TestingSaaS is going to do in 2020.


Every time a new technology in IT appears on the surface, new buzzwords are introduced and heavily used by the IT marketing pro’s.

This is not something new, it exists as long as IT itself. Buzzwords are used to market the product and ‘show’ the public something ‘new’ and ‘state of the art’ has been built for them to help them with their IT challenges.

In 2007 I started the TestingSaaS blog to burst this ‘buzzword-bubble‘ and show the readers these buzzwords are just the same sh*t with other flies on it. Since that time I have written about new IT-‘innovations’ like digital identity, test automation, data science (remember big data), DevOps, information security, chatbots, augmented reality etc.

Great, so I am doing this for about 13 years now, why do I want to emphasise this in 2020?

Why creating clarity in IT marketing in 2020?

It is the beginning of 2020 and a lot of articles are written about the IT-trends the coming year.

I was triggered by an article in the Dutch management journal MT: Next Generation Leadership about 9 AI-trends in 2020.

I know the writer, Remy Gieling, and enjoy his articles.

A lot of buzzwords are present in this article, but Remy explains them well or links to other articles where they are explained.

This is a great example of how I would like to read an article about IT.

Unfortunately a lot of articles are still out there just bloating buzzwords without explaining them, leaving the readers confused. I will not share the examples, you know they exist.

Help the IT company sell by explaining the buzzwords

So, what will be my main focus in 2020:

Help the IT company sell by explaining the buzzwords to their customers who are overwhelmed and confused by these buzzwords

This can be done by an in-depth article, tutorial, knowledge base, FAQ, infographic etc.

Mind you, a lot of IT buzzwords are now combined in the marketing of single products and if you, as an IT company, do no know what they mean and how their interaction is, you do not know the product. If you do not know the product, how can you sell it?

Let me help you burst this buzzwords-bubble and be transparant again and show the customer you know the product you sell.

Contact me now and let’s bring clarity for your customer together, resulting in a great customer experience and a long lasting relationship!