Why did I call my company TestingSaaS?

Whys is your company called TestingSaaS?

Why did I call my company TestingSaaS?

Why did I call my company TestingSaaS? 1024 768 Cordny

Since I launched TestingSaaS as a company in April 2018 every day I receive the same question:

“Why is your company called TestingSaaS?”

And every time I will give them this answer: 

TestingSaaS was created because every time I worked with a startup/scale-up as a test engineer I saw testing was underprioritized compared to development, leading to buggy products and clients walking away. I also saw many startups doing a lot of development, but less marketing, leading to insufficient traction and startups got broke. A shame, because their product was awesome, only poorly marketed.

As a test engineer, avid IT-blogger and community-builder I knew I could help these companies by delivering them parallel services in software testing and (content)marketing.

It’s a recurring pattern in my life, I never was a specialist, but always in between: bioinformatics, test automation, ..
That’s where for me the adventure is, like being on a rough coast between land and sea. That’s why I added this picture to the blog 😉 .

But the name TestingSaaS has nothing to do with marketing.

Oh yes it does! Every marketeer knows it has to test its copy / marketing material before sending it out to prospects. If you do not test you do not know if the prospect likes it, which is a lot of marketing money spend the wrong way.

As a software tester, testing is my daily job.

I can help startups and other IT-companies with testing their marketing efforts and help them choose the correct marketing strategy. This can be done in combination with principles and tools from data science. 

Now you know why I called my company TestingSaaS. 

It’s where software testing meets marketing!