Starting a software testing and content marketing company

a startup is a rollercoaster

Starting a software testing and content marketing company

Starting a software testing and content marketing company 1000 667 Cordny

When I was a kid I loved to experiment and observe what happened.

Attracting birds in the yard with different food, putting the hamster in a maze and see if he could escape,…

I quickly figured out I had to document these observations to compare them with future ones. 

This could be text, but drawings were sometimes even better. 

It was no surprise for my parents I wanted to study biology.

At Uni I did just the same as what I did in my childhood, creating experiments in the wild and documenting my results. Oh, and a whole lot of statistics and informatics 

So, when I graduated I was ready to explore the natural world, but now as a professional. Sadly, at that time no one was waiting for a biologist with a degree in bio-informatics (yeah, really!)

Pragmatic as I was, I started to think: How can I put my scientific knowledge to use in society?

Software testing 

Where to start? Why not the internet?

I searched for jobs with the same skills as I learned as a biologist.

To become a labrat was not my dream, I just was not the right person for it.

Hm, computer programming, why not?

But after a few months I figured out I was only making bugs and had to re-test all the time. 

And then it hit me, why not become a software tester?

A lot of software testing companies were advertising, but I wanted to be part of the best there was in that time: Polteq!

I wrote a letter and blimey, they invited me for an interview, which I am still grateful for.

The rest is history, after my probie years at Polteq I started to work for different IT service companies and had an awesome time at Immune-IT, like Polteq a software testing company.

Content writing 

At Immune-IT we were all very innovative, but also pragmatic.

Testing web applications was on the rise.

Awesome, just like in my biology days I was experimenting again.

And documenting was necessary for test reports etc.

But I wanted more, I wanted to document new testing techniques and new web applications.

Software as a Service was as new field and I wanted to document this.

Especially the identity management area.

The blog TestingSaaS was born.

This blog created a platform where I could document my adventures in testing.
Immune-IT even let me guestblog on their site.

This was just the beginning.

Through Twitter and LinkedIn I could promote my blog leading to guestblogs on Security Affairs and content writing for eForensics Magazine

Cordny meets branding and the brand TestingSaaS was born.

Content marketing 

Around 2010 I met a lovely woman, Eve Maler, on one of the identity conferences I visited.

She told me she needed a tester to verify the documentation of a new identity protocol, User Managed Access (UMA) she was creating together with other identity wizards at Kantara Initiative.

Awesome, now I could test a web protocol and work in an international setting.

I was UMAnized (I still am!) and I wanted to UMAnize the whole world through my blogs and articles.

Cordny meets product marketing! 

Mind you, I was still working as a software tester during the day and did all these things at night. I loved to write content and engage with my peers.

TestingSaaS the company! 

Successful years followed for the brand TestingSaaS, but not for the software tester Cordny.

Almost every year I had a different software testing job and I was getting restless and cynical. When in March 2018 my contract at iWelcome was not extended I knew I had to do something,

die of boredom or holster up my guns!

So I went to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and registered the SaaS software testing and content marketing firm TestingSaaS.

Its mission: help SaaS startups and scale-ups improve their software testing and content marketing.

As a software tester I knew a lot of the product under test and I could also document and write about it. Why not combine this?

Now it’s 4 months ago since I started TestingSaaS and I already helped 5 companies successfully and the Brand TestingSaaS is growing.

The future 

TestingSaaS is determined to 

help more SaaS entrepreneurs improve the quality of their product 

AND positioning themselves in the crowded market. 

Are you a SaaS entrepreneur and you need help? 

Contact me now and let’s talk, WHO DARES WINS!!