To be a Marco Polo in the world of SaaS

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To be a Marco Polo in the world of SaaS

To be a Marco Polo in the world of SaaS 275 183 Cordny

I like to travel.

I like books, especially adventure novels like Robinson Crusoe and Marco Polo.

I want to see the world, on- and offline.

I like to write about my experiences.

It was no surprise for my parents that I wanted to study biology.

Unfortunately, I am not a lab rat and, although I tried, I did not become a member of an expedition group to study wildlife in remote places. 

But I am a curious, stubborn biologist, so I started to study the online world.

I found out this is a jungle too, with the same economics and biology as in the real world. Here too, money is made and here too, it’s survival of the fittest. 

I decided to start a career in software testing.

Great stuff, I was allowed to break things and I became good at it.

Gradually I found out I like to work at IT startups, although I made heaps of mistakes, and still do!

Software testing is my passion, but I wanted to combine it with another passion: writing.

The blog TestingSaaS was born, eventually becoming the network TestingSaaS,

engaging with SaaS marketing and copywriting peers globally.

Meanwhwile I was still an employee, but my entrepreneurs blood was boiling, so this year I decided to fulfill my dream: combine testing and writing for SaaS companies with my own marketing startup TestingSaaS.

There is a time you have to dive into the deep and until now I have no regrets. 

Oh, it’s tough, with low monthly revenue, but hey, I’m Cordny, I am going the distance and succeed. Against all odds.

And revenue is going up!!

The last six months I learned a lot about entrepreneurship, marketing, SaaS, blockchain, security, chatbots, virtual reality, communities and a lot of other awesome stuff. And you now what, I love to write blogs, landing pages, one-pagers, case studies etc. So you have time do do your business and make money.

In my whole career I met wonderful people who want to help me succeed with my business. And I want to help them in return. That’s what business is all about.

Mind you, I will make mistakes, just like Marco Polo did,  but I will learn too and help companies not make the same mistakes twice.
I’m now, like Marco Polo, on a mountain overseeing surrounding mountains and valleys, ready for my next adventures.  

I can’t wait to start another week, do you want to join me?