The start of 2019: TestingSaaS is growing

The start of 2019: TestingSaaS is growing

The start of 2019: TestingSaaS is growing 1110 620 Cordny

2019 just started and TestingSaaS already made some big leaps.
Visually you may have seen some changes already.
So, what happened?

A new office at Eigenlijk Alles

Working at home has its advantages, it’s cheap and no commuting, but it can be a lonesome adventure and when there is little to do you get lazy.
When I met the guys from Eigenlijk Alles they told me they wanted to create a marketplace LINK, where freelancers and companies are linked and business can be done.
Great initiative, which I did not see before. As a networker by heart I was immediately sold.
So, now I’m sitting here at the Eigenlijk Alles office writing this blog and in a few minutes I have a meeting with other professionals about professionalizing my servies further.
Here is a nice video in which I explain my reasons for joining LINK.

A new logo

Have you seen the new TestingSaaS logo?

TestingSaaS did not have a logo yet, so it was about time.
All made possible with the help of another freelancer.

A new e-mail address

When I started my business, I continued to use my hotmail-account, which I also used for my blogging services.
But I’m an entrepreneur now, and I needed a professional e-mail address.
You can now contact me at

TestingSaaS goes Instagram

More and more B2B is done on Instagram and I wanted to test if this channel is suitable for my business.
So, now you can also find me on Instagram.
The TestingSaaS Saturday #SaaSBusiness quotes are well received, and I will also share other updates on this interesting medium.

TestingSaaS partners with TechSnips

TestingSaaS is a frequent follower of DevOps.
That’s why I joined Fixate, the DevOps contentmarketing agency, a couple of years ago.
Writing DevOps practitioner blogs is something I really love, because this way I can show how a tool or software works.
An even better way to do this is by video. That’s why I did not hesitate when TechSnips contacted me if I was interested in making instruction videos for them regarding DevOps, but also about other niches like data science and computer forensics.
Remember the macOS anti-forensics course I created for eForensics Magazine recently.
This tasted good, so in 2019 I will create more video tutorials/presentations with TechSnips.

2019 just started, let’s see what other adventures TestingSaaS will make this year.
Stay tuned.
Who dares wins!!