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Create Content through Testing

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When I started TestingSaaS I had three services in mind: beta testing, creating content and social media marketing for SaaS startups and scale ups.

After a year I realised this all can be combined in one unique service:

Create Content Through Testing.

Through testing a software product or service content is made, which can be a basis for on boarding, sales and marketing content and can be shared in (social) media.
This is a unique service, killing two birds with one stone: you will get your software verified and you will get re-usable sales and marketing content. What more do you want!

Next to this TestingSaaS will still help IT companies with a beta testing framework, based on 10+ years of experience.

So, are you a software company or an online agency and you want original content about your or your client’s IT product/service?

Contact TestingSaaS and I will verify and help you sell your product in the same time!