Ever wanted to become a macOS anti-forensics engineer?

macOS anti-forensics course, powered by TestingSaaS and eForensics Magazine

Ever wanted to become a macOS anti-forensics engineer?

Ever wanted to become a macOS anti-forensics engineer? 938 936 Cordny

eforensics Magazine is one of my favorite online resources on digital forensics.

A few years ago I was very honored  to be asked to contribute as a content writer for this magazine.
With my software testing skills and curiosity I mastered the basic digital forensics techniques and started to write about iOS forensics and anti-forensics.

Why this interest in anti-forensics?

As a test engineer I always want to show the current state of the quality of a software product. Finding bugs is an important part of my work.
I really want to break the software.
Software development uses a framework to build the software, but with every development issues like bugs and flaws happen. And I wanted to find these issues asap. This is the same with digital forensics.
I want to use anti-forensic techniques to show if the forensic analysis is ‘bulletproof’. Is it safe from tampering and how can we make it more resilient against tampering?

Why this interest in macOS anti-forensics?

The internet is full of effective anti-forensics techniques for the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, but it lacks good information on macOS forensics and anti-forensics.
The macOS seems a difficult operating system for performing forensic analysis. Still macOS forensics is a necessary skill for the digital forensics professional. More and more people use the macOS, also criminals, and this increases the chance of having to do a forensic analysis on a macOS one day in the future. This makes it a most wanted skill nowadays.
Criminals know this, and they will use anti-forensic techniques to tamper with the evidence, so it is NOT eligible in court.
That’s why I want to study these anti-forensic techniques, to detect them and develop countermeasures. And also develop security measures to protect the evidence against the anti-forensic techniques.

The macOS anti-forensics course

I designed, together with eForensics Magazine, the macOS anti-forensics course, all online, to share my knowledge on macOS anti-forensics and teach students how to detect, perform and act against anti-forensics techniques on the macOS.
Thank you eForensics Magazine for giving me the chance to develop and teach this course. I will not forget this.

The 18th of December will be start of this course.
It will be fun, it will be practical and all self-paced, so no worries, no rush.

Apply NOW, you won’t regret it.