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a bloch sphere visualization of a qubit

Quantum computing, Cordny, are you mad?

Quantum computing, Cordny, are you mad? 776 773 Cordny

Quantum computing, Cordny, are you mad?

This question I got last week from a peer after I announced on LinkedIn I wanted to dive into quantum computing.

Yeah buddy, quantum computing, QC for short.

On high school I wasn’t a physics fan, but I was always fascinated by atoms and its protons, electrons etc.
Regarding mathematics, geometry I hated, but algebra I was more interested in. Even during my biology study theoretical biology attracted me, but zoölogie was always my keen interest, so I graduated in microbiology and bio-informatics. Recognize the interest in micro?
Durig my testing career my curiosity in how things work at the smallest level continued and I also got more experienced in cloud computing (see my blogs and articles)
And then a few months ago a colleague of mine talked about QC and I thought, seeing the possibilities of cloud computing, combined with QC, thank you Quantum Delta NL, why not give it a shot in 2024? Let’s test it out and create content, or better said: Create Content through Testing. Just like I did for identiverse (UMA!!!!!) and the metaverse startups (Fectar 🚀 )

A bloch sphere visualization of a qubit, created with Python

It’s a kind of deja vu I now have, the curiosity and implementing it, just like I had more than 10 years ago with IAM (identity and access management) and UMA (yeah Eve Maler !)
I do not expect to be a pro at QC, but with my company TestingSaaS I will explore the landscape, test the software in the cloud, talk to the quantum computing experts, and I will write about it. Yes, using all my skills.
One step at a time, or better said 1 Qubit at a time :-).

To be continued!!

PS: I must be crazy, but I like it!