6 Years at Fixate, thank you!

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6 Years at Fixate, thank you!

6 Years at Fixate, thank you! 200 200 Cordny

Time flies!

Six years ago I was asked by Chris Riley ☁ if I would be interested in writing DevOps articles for their clients.
I knew a bit of DevOps and loved it’s culture theme so I took the challenge.

Every time I progressed in my writing and my DevOps knowledge and although I am not a DevOps pro, at least not in my function description 😉, I learned more about technical writing and also writing for clients.

Fast forward 2 years and I thought, why not combine #softwaretesting with #technicalwriting as a business and voila, TestingSaaS was founded.

Fast forward 4 years, my company is still alive and kicking with happy customers.
For about 2 days a week (I’m also employed at the awesome growing BlueConic ) I’m there for my customers to keep the quality of their software and documentation healthy.

A spark was needed and it came from Fixate IO. Yes I’m grateful, thank you!

PS: the last year was busy, but I promise, new articles will come Debi Davis