How to use LinkedIn for Lead generation, a podcast

How to use LinkedIn for Lead generation, a podcast

How to use LinkedIn for Lead generation, a podcast 584 590 Cordny

A few months ago Mike Kawula, serial entrepreneur and host of the EntrepreneursGSD Podcast asked me to share my method of LinkedIn lead generation to our fellow entrepreneurs.
I was honored Mike asked me for his podcast.
And I had an awesome time doing it.

Here is the podcast:

And here are the actions I advised for lead generation with LinkedIn:

Spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day on LinkedIn Publisher and in the main feed leaving meaningful comments on posts.
I prefer 15-20 minutes in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. This way you can properly engage with the people from all over the world who post during these times.

Also, test sharing different content types (text, video, picture, combination of these etc.) to see the level of engagement you receive. LinkedIn gives metadata about your post: Likes, Reader info (demographics, title, etc.), Shares etc.
This metadata is very important if you want to write for a specific prospect, say a Founder in the USA. By looking at the User demographics you can see which posts are read by these prospects.

Mind you, Likes are nice, but don’t say anything about the reader, so for lead generation worthless.
Shares on the other hand are worthy because you can immediately see which user shared it. Could be a prospect?

Mike and I recommend that for seven days, you make a goal of creating a specific number of posts (with different content types) around a topic relevant to your industry. Then, based on how people have responded, tweak your approach and spend another seven days posting. After a month of doing this, you should see your engagement start to skyrocket.

As already said, doing the podcast was fun and I thank Mike Kawula for giving me the opportunity of sharing my ideas on LinkedIn Lead Generation.